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FAQs - The Well

The Well is offered to students from 7-12th grade. 6th graders move up to the student ministry when The Well kickoffs again after Christmas break. Once a student graduates from student ministry, they cannot be apart of student ministry unless they are a Small Group Leader (which they need to apply and be accepted after training, an interview and a background check is completed).

Most parents drop their student off at around 5:50pm and then pick up their student in FSM Parking Lot the parking lot when Small Groups are dismissed at around 8pm. However, if you want to come inside when you drop off or pick up your student then, please, feel welcome to do so! Come introduce yourself to our team if you haven’t met them yet; we actually encourage it!

Here is a picture of where the FSM Parking Lot can be found. 

Your student will be placed in a Small Group based off of grade and gender. So, if they are a male and in the 10th grade then they will be placed in the 9th and 10th grade Boy’s Small Group with at least 2 male Small Group Leaders. We base it off of grade because a 7th grader will be going through different things and will be in a different season of life than a 12th grader that is wrestling through college decisions and graduating high school. We also base it off of gender because we believe life change happens in Small Groups, and we want to create an environment for students to open up about what REALLY is going on. Having someone of the opposite gender may not create the most favorable environment for authenticity.

Right now most of our adult leaders are college students, but we pride ourselves in the leaders that we have in FSM. They are leaders of leaders and love the Lord. They are great Small Group Leaders because they are abiding with Jesus and being poured into, so as they are pouring into the next generation they are being filled as well.

The process of selecting leaders is rigorous, used with very careful discernment and has a series of rounds. It is so unfortunate that the process needs to be like this, but we realize that there are people out there that want to serve in student ministry for some honestly repulsive reasons. It’s just the fallen world that we live in. Also, at any point in the selection process an adult may be asked not to become a Small Group Leader if we feel like it may not be a complement to their gifts. The process starts with an adult filling out a leader application, which is no quick task, and asks questions about their faith and why they want to serve in student ministry. Once they get through this first round they will meet with Ben Pukas, our student pastor, and another adult leader for an in-person interview. After this interview, most leaders like to come to The Well and scout out if this is something they can see themselves doing because our Small Group Leaders are expected to not only be here on Wednesday nights but to share their very lives with these students (1 Thessalonians 2:8). The final round of selection is for the prospective leader to go through a background check and a 3-hour MinistrySafe sexual training course (again it’s unfortunate this is a part of the process, but it is SO necessary). Assuming the background check comes back clean, the adult will then be asked to be a Small Group Leader and become apart of the team.

Most Small Groups start with how the students are doing. They may talk about some highs and lows from the week or what the Lord taught them this week. They will then have discussion questions that are inspired from a message they heard right before meeting as a Small Group. The heart behind this is that we don’t want our students hearing a message and going home feeling guilty and/or helpless because they were convicted. Instead we want the students to meet with people they are doing life with and discuss the message to collectively find proactive ways to apply this to their life.

We truly believe the best Small Group Leaders are college students and young adults due to their season of life and their ability to relate to students where they are. So most of, if not all, of our leaders are college students and young adults. BUT that doesn’t mean parents don’t have involvement in our ministry. The best and most effective way to help in our ministry is to empower and encourage Small Groups and their leaders. Ways to accomplish this are by writing your student’s leaders a note, actively be praying for them, inviting them over for dinner, etc.

We also have Leader Hangouts once a month; this is an event for leaders to come and hang with each other and be poured into by our staff and families involved in student ministry. You can host one at your home and invite the other parents from your student’s Small Group over to love on the leaders. Also, since leaders are the bread and butter of our ministry we want the leaders to feel appreciated and one of the ways we do this is by blessing them with gifts at Christmas time. We don’t just want to give them the usual $10 t-shirt, so we ask parents to help us in either sponsoring a leader Christmas gift or helping provide for some of their gift.

If you’re interested in blessing leaders, email Ben Pukas.

Small Groups meet during The Well. The Well is from 6-8pm and the first hour or so there are games, worship with our live band, and a message. The next 45 minutes to an hour is when Small Groups meet. Small Group Hangout meets once a month in place of The Well. More info can be found here.

No worries! Small Groups are open and your student can jump right in. Many students come mid-year and are placed in a Small Group.

At FSM we don’t have a ton of events. This is on purpose; we don’t think events and programs are the best ways to help facilitate spiritual growth in students. However, when we do an event, we do it BIG. The big events we put on are Fall Retreat, which is usually in the middle of September every year, Junior High Believe (for our 6-8th graders), Camp Barnabas in the beginning of June, Summer Camp, which is at the end of June, Vision Night, which is at the end of August. 

Ben Pukas, the Student Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church. You can send him an email at our Contact Us tab above.

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